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Community Building

There are many reasons why a game title can fail to yield profitable results. Like in the movie industry, if the movie doesn't look interesting or if it's not marketed widely enough, the money spent to produce the title may not be recuperated. Well, we don't want THAT.

I've revamped our discord server to make it as inviting as possible. I've added channels where we can talk introductions, programs, progress, and help one another. Inevitably, talk may get reduced to garbage and ridiculousness, so I've added an off-topic channel for memes and cat photos.

The thing about building a community is that it takes time. Consistency and commitment are the names of the game and slow and steady wins the race. Just keep showing up and showing what you've accomplished so far. On Instagram, I make a habit of following people who follow me as well. I like photos and participate in discussions when I feel I have something to offer.

When you have built a supportive community, you have access to a wealth of experience and opinions that you can use to mold your game into a powerhouse, heavy-hitting, game title. Let the people tell you what they want.

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